1. Vanity Wounds

From the recording Eunoia

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Alone pursued by a creature
Molded from worst of nightmares
Embalming fluid is coursing
Throughout all of its arteries

Primal terror to swallow you
Covered in flies and rotting flesh
Sinking into another’s power
One day my love will know it too

Rolling stones back to the bottom
All has not gone well with me here
Having been coaxed into the world again
He could pick out her silent form

This is where it all came to me
Maybe I’m the one who’s hunting
Having been coaxed into the world again
Regressed near feral state

Depression in fiction
Evil one worships me
Depression infliction
Evil one honors me

Dancing back and forth while my lover scorns me

Bucket of water to put her house in order

I’ve been low and sedentary
Binded by glimpses of remorse
Sunk into decrepit waste pits
Sunk into my own sorrow

Fixed overlooking life’s fringes
Offerings for my other self
Alters in narrow corners
Throughout the human psyche

Surveying with these naked eyes
Witness the world for what it is
Beneath the sweat and grime
Channeling this bleak existence

It’s me that is of my nightmares
A king that dons a crown of nails
Upon the iron throne, I’ve failed...