From the recording Eunoia

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Grips a silhouette
Its inarticulate
Descending throughout time
Cutting flame once lost to me
But this flame, a blade so cold
A curse for the empath
Swinging the blade until it breaks like glass
Yet here I am… going down…

Going down to the rocks that crushed you
Repulsive spray of the bones and sinew
Drown in self pity, calm the flood
Sacrificial end to essence

Crushing trepidation, chills that crept inside
irrational exhaustive weakness, I’ve lost you on repeat
All these smiles without lips over every loss lived through for you

A curse for the empaths, rippling haunted phantasm

Your sorrows have pinned you to this place

Torturing all these souls along with my own

Going down… down...

Soon it will all be over
And with time it’s a long way to recover