From the recording Eunoia

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pitch black starless night
cloaked in haze of smoke
scanning through faded mask light
stood in the ashes
for time here does not turn
though I’ve prayed and wished it would

malnourishing youth
conflicts from old abuse
trials of seeking truth
caverns full of urns
a fear from wars of past
where soldiers buried their burns

a story told within each breath

graves are full of bones
of lives that no one knows
mass genocide broken homes
livid symmetry
from hate thee eye can’t see
death bringer won’t let it be

A story told within each breath

her fingers combing for the dead
drawn to layers within her gaze

assimilated well being
constructs in which you’ve never seen
comprised of darkness from her dreams
I’ll rip her fucking wings apart

violent nights of endless gore
horror that came once before
moments now forever more
I’ll tear her fucking wings apart

phantom scours endless plains
carnage pours on us like rain
a glorious ascension
I’ll rip her fucking wings apart

eradicate the putrid crowd
terror shrieks of pain out loud
witnessed knowledge disavowed
could not tear those fucking wings apart

Is death kind
When she casts her shadow? (onto our brothers?

A story told within each breath