From the recording Eunoia

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In disbelief, enslaved existential violence
Burdened spirits organic framework
Woven unadorned compassion
Polar soul entrapment

Essence implanted entices salvation
Price of dreaming is condemnation

Delusional concepts of destruction
A piece of human held deep within

Glory to the mother of all horrors
Scrutinize madness between both shoulders
Atone for a past consumed together
Inside a lonely planet’s forceful weather

The ghost made by man is controlled

Vision of red darkness confide in strife
Consuming the lie, consuming the life
Longing for discovery, a sign…(a sign)
To sacrifice a facade

Wistful revelation pours through one last sunset
Above isolated fields blankets incandescence
Warming the soil, my skin caresses the dirt
Channel vibrations to and from the earth comfort

Together... as one... united...

Dilapidated body sweeps over desolate earth
Wind so fierce, storm stirs purpose of worth
Over time and space, withering roots from soil
Forlorn in clay, rotting heart turns from blood and oil

This… device… depleted…

Rebirth, skeletal trees manifest a skin
Reconnect to the world by breathing in
Disconnect from the planet to become human
The sacrifice, a facade